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Cognitiv builds custom algorithms unique to each client in order to maximize media outcomes and engagement. Their custom deep learning solutions enable clients to predict consumer behavior and achieve outstanding marketing performance at scale by predicting consumer behavior and delivering measurable results.

All-D has created many branding solutions over the last 6 years (identity, case studies, trade show graphics, banner ads, App graphics, social media graphics, product launch campaigns, even a mascot).
Brand Identity
App UX/UI, Design
Social Media 
Marketing Collateral
Internal Branding

Data Sheets and Case Studies

Promotional collateral established the brand's fonts and color palette using the brand's signature pink for emphasis, and dark greys for a fresh, sophisticated communication. Neural network graphics added a strong visual tie-in to the company's deep learning solutions.

Retargeting Campaign

Cognitiv wanted to test a fresh campaign that incorporated three elements:
- a balance of abstract and literal images
- data-driven photography
- representation of the neural network

All-D created a social media banner ad campaign to support the new strategy.

Cognitiv Curation

With a focused push towards media buyers and marketers, Cognitiv launched a multi-channel campaign that emphasized using Cognitiv Curation, a customized algorithm that effectively targets customers based on a myriad of combinations - user characteristics, time of day, inventory and more.

All-D created a slew of social media banner ads to support the product launch.

App Design - Rosé/Not Rosé

Cognitiv wanted to create an app for Cannes Lions that showcased the capabilities of deep learning while still being fun, engaging, and light-hearted. The app, Rosé/Not Rosé, was launched the year Cannes didn't happen, and then refined the next year. It was a slightly more sophisticated version of the app "Not Hotdog" from HBO's Silicon Valley that used AI to identify content of pictures of hot dogs. With Rosé/Not Rosé, the concept was simple: show the app a picture of a drink, and it will tell you whether it’s rosé, or not rosé.

All-D handled the UX/UI, logo design, and imagery for the app launch and subsequent refresh. We also created banner ads and promotional graphics for social media.

Cognitive University Mascot

Cognitiv planned to launch a Cognitiv University program for new employees and wanted to have a brain-based mascot created that can easily be added to program materials and lightly altered as needed.

All- D was up to the task and delivered a character with character.

Cognitiv Team Crests

As a rapidly expanding startup with employee hubs across the country, Cognitiv implemented a community-building strategy by forming dedicated teams of employees to engage in company activities and tackle challenges collaboratively. Each group came up with their own name and personna and met with All-D to discuss their vision. Logo development for each team was a unique design challenge.

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